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Summary – Many users have to face the issue of emails not showing up in Outlook. If you are also such a user then you must read this guide. Here, you will know about different methods through which you can solve this problem.

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Microsoft Outlook is an email client that comes with the Microsoft Office Suite. Along with a basic mailing facility, Outlook also offers calendaring, task & contact managing, journal logging, etc. It is one of the most widely accepted email clients. However, users sometimes come across the issue where they can’t view email content in Outlook. This is probably because of network connectivity. There can also be some reasons that lead to the Outlook body of email missing from the mail. Some of the most common reasons for Outlook not showing your emails are listed below.

Causes of Outlook Not Displaying Email Content

  • Insufficient power supply often causes disruption in mail receiving or sending activity.
  • The most common reason for this problem is poor network connectivity.
  •  If you have recently installed any anti-virus applications then this could be a reason for Outlook email not syncing.
  • Oversized PST file will corrupt your mailbox data and as such, you can’t view email content in Outlook
  • If your auto-archive option in Outlook is turned on then you will not be able to read emails in Outlook.
  • Sometimes this issue arises because of updating the Outlook account.

Manual Solution of emails Not Showing up in Outlook Issue 

As we have discussed above, there can be different reasons for Outlook not showing up emails.  Therefore, you need to first identify the reason for this problem and then try to solve the issue. Here, I am highlighting different procedures to figure out solutions for the Outlook body of email missing issue. Let us check each of the methods in a detailed way.

Ensure Proper Internet Connectivity 

If you are working on low network connectivity then you might be facing this issue so you must check your network connectivity and then again check your mailbox.

Take help from Send/Receive option provided by Outlook

Users can take help from this feature of Outlook if there is any default in-network or software application then you can try the below-written steps and view your emails.

  • Go to the top panel of Outlook and select  Send/ Receive option.
  • Hit send/Receive all Folders and wait for some time.
  • After some time, go to your inbox and check if all your emails are now visible.

Check the Outlook Folder View

If you want to perform this procedure then follow the steps written below- 

  • Go to your Outlook account.
  • Now, from the Outlook panel move to the View option.
  •  Next, open the current view section and select the customize current view option.
  • Open the filter option and choose the clear all filter option.
  • Again, move to your inbox and click on the Send/Receive tab to view your emails.

Undo the Auto Archive Feature 

Many users take help from the auto-archive feature to manage their mail account. If you have also kept it on then you must disable it once, to find the actual reason the body of email disappears in Outlook. To perform this practice, you can refer to the steps below.

  • Go to Outlook and move to File and then hit on Options.
  • Now, the advanced option and choose the Auto Archive Settings option.
  • Hit the Ok button two times.
  • Now, restart your Outlook account and verify all the emails.
  • Otherwise, you can take help from the Open Archive.pst file option from your Outlook account. Here, you have to select the Move to Folder option and export all emails to your inbox.

Users can try any of the above-explained approaches and solve their query. But, to accomplish the task users have to perform all these methodologies and then check which one fits the scenario. Therefore, I recommend users to check out the hassle-free professional technique to find the solution of the body of the email not showing in outlook 2019 or other versions.

Professional Approach of Emails not showing up in Outlook

The professional method that can help users to resolve this matter is using third-party software like DRS PST Recovery Tool. This is an automated software that enables users to recover corrupted PST files and get back their data. The tool has a very user-friendly interface that does not require any outside help. It is a very powerful utility that can work on both ANSI, UNICODE, or even in encrypted and locked PST files. The software ensures data security and can run in any version of Windows. Additionally, users can utilize the free demo version of the tool to check its efficiency and for any doubt, you can contact the support team at any time. If you want to use this smart application then proceed with the steps that are listed below.

Steps of the Automated Tool

  • Download and install the tool on your PC/laptop.
  • Go to the Open option and choose the corrupted file.
  • Now, hit on the Open button to link it to the tool.
  • Here, you can select any of the advanced functionalities and then hit on Ok button.
  • Now, choose the items from your mailbox and then save it.
  • Here, you can select the additional option as per your requirement and then hit on the Ok button to proceed next.
  • Within a few seconds, the software will complete the recovery process. Now, you can hit on the Ok button and exit from the tool.

Thus, you can complete your recovery task by performing these basic steps of the tool. This recovery software will save time and effort of users yet provide an accurate result.


From this guide, we can now understand that although there are many manual tricks that can be followed to get back emails of your Outllook but all of them are complex systems. Hence, the most effortless and reliable method is the professional recovery software that is a complete package of innovative attributes.

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