How to do Email Migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365?

Since many of the email client utilization is expanding day by day, users want to turnabout to another platform. All email consumers have several file formats, so email translation is required. One such type of translation is Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365. Thus, in this handset, you will get the answer for how to perform email migration from lotus notes to office 365 using easy and brisk solutions.

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Office 365 Vs IBM Lotus Notes

Microsoft office 365 often called Office 365 is one of the most popular and successful email applications that offers smart and superior services such as calendars, contacts, journals, tasks, etc. It uses the same file format as the new Outlook 2016. The office 365 email application was developed by Microsoft in October 2010.

On the other hand, IBM Lotus Notes is also a desktop-based email utility that is being used by several businesses application. The Lotus Notes includes many elements such as e-mailing, scheduling, calendaring, and address book, etc. Both the MS Outlook/Office 365 and Lotus Notes are famous email client programs but yet, there are specific reasons due to which users want to do lotus notes to outlook migration operation.

What Are Reasons to Migrate IBM Lotus Notes to Office 365?

No apprehension at all, both the email client applications perform an outstanding part in business progress and meet the user’s necessities. Despite this, there are unusual circumstances in which the user might face numerous issues while practicing IBM Lotus Notes so they favor to migrate NSF to office 365 by performing email migration from lotus notes to office 365.

Some generalizations are noted below:

  • Users are shifting from Lotus Notes NSF to Office 365 as Microsoft Office 365 offers great proposals and better data safety as compared to IBM Notes.
  • Lotus Notes required more technical knowledge to operate it while on the other hand Office 365 is easy to use.
  • The Lotus Notes is more expensive and require extra maintenance cost.
  • Office 365 supports user’s expert communication within the industry.

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Perform Email Migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365

One of the brisk methods to migrates from Lotus Notes to Office 365 is through the help of IMAP Connector. Following stated are the steps for Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration:

  • Create a backup of NSF files

It is required as in case the NSF files get missing during the conversion process, you can recover the files from backup.

  • New Mailboxes for each NSF user

Here create a new mailbox for each IBM Lotus Notes account holder.

  • Enable IMAP TCP/IP port

Now, you require to allow the IMAP TCP/IP port for each IBM Lotus Notes user account. For doing so follow the steps:

  1. Launch the Lotus Notes program and open the Domino Administrator.
  2. Click the Configuration tab button.
  3. Now open the Server Document which carries out the IMAP service.
  4. After that follow the path Ports>Internet Ports>Mail tab.
  5. Now you will see a Mail(IMAP) column, modify the ‘TCP/IP port value status’ to Enabled.
  6. Click the save tab to save the changes and exit the application.
  •  Synchronize with IMAP Connector

At last, connect IMAP connector to sync mailboxes between Lotus Notes and Office 365.

Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration issues in Manual Method

The certain drawbacks you have to face while migrating from Lotus Notes to office 365 manually.

  • You need prior tech knowledge for the migration process.
  • The procedure will lengthy and time taking.
  • You may lose the connection to the web due to the firewall and proxy server of the IBM Lotus Notes.
  • Large size NSF file may not be transferred.

An easy approach to Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365

Step 1: Convert Lotus Notes NSF to PST using NSF to PST Tool

After all, everyone wants to go for the easiest and secure method when talking about the migration procedure. Hence, this NSF to PST converter software is the most reliable, quick and smart tool available over the internet. Using this tool you can easily convert lotus notes NSF files to PST within no time. The software can convert items like emails, calendars, tasks, notes, address book, appointments, etc. You can rely on this tool as it converts NSF data into PST without any data alteration.

Step 2:  Import PST to Office 365 using Microsoft Office 365 Import Services

  • Step1: GOTO File-tab >> Open >> Import.
  • Step2: In the Import and Export Wizard, click Import from another program or file, and then click Next.
  • Step3: Click Outlook Data File (.pst), and then click Next.
  • Step4: Set the options for importing items. The default settings usually don’t need to be changed.
  • Step5: Click Finish.


Final Say

So now it’s up to you what you choose for email migration from lotus notes to office 365. The manual method is discussed followed by the Expert trick. Now it’s your call. Till then keep reading.

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