How to Convert PST to PDF With Attachments? Pro Guide

Summary: Managing emails is a crucial task, whether you are a professional juggling multiple projects or an individual trying to keep your inbox organized. MS Outlook is the most trusted and demanded email client among users for email management. It helps users to manage emails, contacts, calendars, etc. Outlook uses PST file format for storing the mailbox data. However, large PST files are easily prone to corruption, and users may also face data loss issues during hardware failure.

As a result, users search for a way to convert PST to PDF with attachments. PDF files are known for better security and an easy-to-use interface. Now, you may wonder, “How do I turn a PST file into a PDF?” In the following section, we will explore the manual method and a professional PST File Converter to convert PST file to PDF effortlessly and securely. But, before that let’s explore some of the advantages of the PDF file format.

Why do Users Want to Convert PST to PDF?

A PDF file offers various advantages to its users. Some of the advantages are shared below:

  • PDF files are platform-independent, i.e. users can easily access them on any device, operating system, or platform.
  • A PDF file shows the same content and layout of your document, no matter which OS, device, or software it is.
  • It is easy to create, read, and share.
  • PDF files provide additional backup of data in case of accidental deletion, corruption, etc.
  • Converting emails to PDF files reduces the dependency on specific email clients.
  • You can encrypt the PDF files to protect data from security breaches.

These are some common reasons why users want to export PST to PDF. Now, let’s explore the solutions for the often-asked query, “ How can you convert Outlook files to PDF?”

Manual Methods to Convert PST to PDF with Attachments

There are various methods to convert Outlook PST to PDF format. Here, we discuss the two best manual methods to download Outlook emails in PDF format. Follow the workable steps to transfer Outlook PST files into PDF format completely.

Method 1: Transfer PST Files to PDF Using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a prominent app for editing and creating PDF files. It offers a plug-in to connect with Outlook, allowing you to save emails in PDF format. Follow the steps to convert PST to PDF format:

  • Start the Outlook Application and click on the Adobe PDF option in the top bar.
  • Here, select the emails you want to convert.
  • After that, from the drop-down menu, select Create a New PDF file.
  • In the new wizard, allocate the saving location and enter the file name.
  • Finally, click the Save button to download Outlook email messages as PDFs.

Method 2: Export PST to PDF Using MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the most efficient utility to manage email messages and has a feature to print the message as a PDF file. A Microsoft Print to PDF option allows users to perform PST to PDF conversion efficiently. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Open Outlook and go to the email messages you want to convert.
  • Now, navigate to the File menu and click on the Print option.
  • In the Print tab, Select the Microsoft Print to PDF option from the list. Click Print.
  • Now, in the Save Print Output As tab, assign the file path and name.
  • Lastly, click on the Save button to convert PST File to PDF format.

The above methods are beneficial to save a limited number of Outlook PST files to PDF format. However, if you want to save multiple PST files, then this is not an ideal solution.

Users can go for a professional PST File Converter to bulk convert PST file data into PDF format.

Direct Solution to Convert PST to PDF With Attachments

MigrateEmails PST Converter is a prominent method to convert Outlook PDF files to PST in bulk. The software has an easy-to-use interface, allowing you to convert PST files into PDFs without the help of any external assistance. It also facilitates eliminating duplicate emails from the conversion process. Moreover, users can also import PST to iCloud, Gmail, Zoho Mail, Office 365, etc using this software.

Follow the Steps to Download Outlook Email as PDF

  • Download and Run the PST Converter Tool as an Administrator.
  • Click the Select Files button and add the required PST file(s).
  • Preview the PST file data from the displayed tree- structure. Click Next.
  • Now, choose PDF as the resultant file format from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, hit the Convert button to convert PST files to PDF format.


In this article, we have explained different methods to convert PST to PDF with attachments. By using these methods, you can easily transfer your Outlook emails into PDF format with ease. However, the manual method is beneficial only for a limited number of emails. So, if you want to convert multiple PST files then we recommend using the professional solution.

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